Square One TV Marketing provides



infomercial advertising on commercial and cable TV networks for products


In support of the TV infomercials Square One will direct potential customers to either:

  • A toll free number to directly purchase the products offered
  • A website providing product information (including infomercial videos), specifications and online purchasing facilities
  • Mobile apps which enable potential customers to view and purchase the products.
  • And in the independent retail kiosk locations in shopping malls

In the longer term, Square One will provide seminars and training on:

  • the production of infomercials
  • product sourcing
  • marketing
  • promotion
  • distribution

Why Informercials?


Infomercials allow companies to:

Talk directly to their consumers

Collect information from consumers

Educate consumers on the benefits and features of a particular product or service

Infomercials also works well with the growing market in:

Online Marketing

Mobile Marketing